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The Perfect Touch in Agro-Livestock World over

Seeds, Grains & Nuts

Trade World Pty, is an Export oriented Agro Livestock as well as a business entity that has been operational for over a decade. Based in South Africa with a favourable climate, we are capable of supplying most crop varieties, Livestock as well as finished goods and recycled waste. all you need to do is contact us with your needs and we will give you feedback. Being a Trading company as well, we act as Distributors and agents, thus making it possible for us to supply products that we do not have in stock. Our payment terms are very favorable and we ensure prompt delivery services for local sales and timely deliveries for international sales. we supply in both small and large scales. our products range from; contact us now to have your products supplied within the shortest possible time and with a lot of expertise.



When contacting us do indicate your port of delivery or delivery address,

the product you want and the quantity required. It makes it easier for us to quote you.

Fruits & Vegetables

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Livestock & Poultry

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